Losing my record – Mersey 24h July 2010

While I was romping round Wales, clubmate Pete cheekily stole back the club 24h record. In 2008 I “smashed” his 20yold mark of 307 with 321 miles. Pete had a go in 2009 and retired sick early on, but clearly had got the taste of it again. For 2010 he did some serious preparation, and looking at our times over shorter distances I reckoned he had a 50:50 chance at the record. Here’s his message sent in the aftermath:

As for the 24: It rained on and off until the evening with a southerly wind (less severe than the head-on gale that we had in the 100 the week before.) Got going well at Prees and averaged well over 16 mph up to the first stop at 85 m. Slowed down once it got dark and went throgh 12 hours with 176m. The wind dropped and it got misty. Then it cleared around dawn and got cold. By the time the sun had warmed us up again there were quite a lot of strugglers and the wind got up from the north in time for the run back to Farndon over those hills. Painful run back to the finishing circuit but I was overtaking quite a few lost souls. I thought the record was out of reach and settled for the Vet’s record plus PB but as I turned onto the circuit and out of the wind I did a quick mental calculation and took the hand-brake off. One hour and fifteen minutes of eyeballs out time-trialling without quite knowing where the finish line was. As it turned out I made it past TK2 with a couple of minutes to run (that was 321.82) and blasted on up the hill to TK3 to expire. Final distance of 322.84. Helped off the bike by TK3, Christine Minto (nee Moody) (We are not worthy etc).

Time on the bike; 22 hours 5 mins (14.6 mph) no sleeping on the job!

That’sdefinitely my last one. I didn’t leave any miles out there, smashed myself up, couldn’t grip the bars with my left hand for the last five hours, hallucinated, wobbled, got the obligatory upset stomach and got to meet a legend. It’s up to healthy people who can eat proper food if the club wants a decent distance for a record.

Good luck for next year, which one are you going to do?


Bugger! Looks like I’ll have to have another go in 2011. This works out quite well, as it will be a month before PBP and long after the qualifiers. And a hard nightride will be good prep for The French Ride.

(Hopefully one of DPCC’s genuinely fast riders will announce an attempt; I can then admit defeat and retire gracefully!)

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